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Deham wellness package

Diabetes, obesity, Hypertension is  the beginning of the dynamics of Retinoid, Neuro, Renal, Cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. It can no longer be ignored. Its high time to learn the lifestyle modification for proper control and phase wise management of the ailment. Deham Wellness Package let you experience healthy lifestyle.

2 Deham Wellness Package
  • Luxury accommodation

  • Wellness consultation

  • Enema

  • Yoga and pranayama session

  • Acupuncture   

  •  Acupressure

  • Lagooshanka prakashalan (LSP)

  • Sweedish massage,Steam bath and Ozone therapy

  • Nabi basti

  • Gausha with hfb

  •  Powder massage

  •  GH pack

  •  Hydro Therapy 

3 Days, 2 Nights 


₹ 13,500/- per person

₹ 24,900/- for Couple

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