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Ayurveda at Deham


Experience The Life And Science, Together

Ayurveda is ‘the perfect combination of life and science’. Although it is the power of healing, cleansing, relaxing, and revitalizing. 

At Deham, we provide such wellness treatments to match personal requirements. Deham grants you an opportunity to endure the wisdom of the
philosophers and abundance of the ages.

By blending modernity, let’s find a new meaning of a healthy life. 

We work based on the deeply rooted ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and by considering the conventional requirements of our guests.
Deham is resided under the bright and vibrant sky, surrounded by green walkways and plantations. 

Get more and more fresh air and witness the charming and unbelievable transformations at Deham.

Improve Quality of Your Life

Features – 

  • Best Ayurvedic Doctors and trainers 

  • Advice and consulting on best-fit treatments 

  • Well-crafted programmes and packages

  • Benefits – 

  • Coordinate the body, mind, and soul 

  • Reach deep with nature 

  • Heal eternally

Ayurvedic Treatments at Deham

massage therapy at deham


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is with the application of force on the body.

aquatonic therapy


Aquatonic Therapy

Water is one of the purest forms of a natural element and a comprehensive source of energy.

mud therapy at deham


Mud Therapy

Mud is one of the most impacting resources of nature consist of organic and inorganic elements.

foot reflaxology


Foot Reflexology

After heavy working or travelling body needs comfort and reflexology nurtures the body in this condition.


'सूर्य स्नान'

Sun Bath

Water is one of the purest forms of a natural element and a comprehensive source of energy.




This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sugar crystals with argan oil and milk, which gently massage, exfoliate rough skin.




Acupuncture is the powerful method to relieve body pain by using fine needles.




Sun is one of the essential elements of the universe and the source of light and heat.

diet and nutrition


Diet And Nutrition

Improve the health potential of your body by tweaking natural dietary ingredients and changing routine.

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